5 Activities That Will Help Build Your Child’s Character

  • In today’s competitive world, the one thing that stands out the most in a person is his or her personality. That is why it is so important that kids learn how to have stronger characters from a tender age. The best way to do this is through character building activities while your child is growing up. These kinds of activities can be fun, while instilling valuable morals in children. These activities also create a foundation for stronger life skills that will stay with your child for a lifetime.

    While your child learns life lessons from these activities, you can also join the fun and get closer to your little one. These activities could come in the form of a game, art, or even a play. Here’s how you can impart character education with five character-building activities that will instill the values of trustworthiness, responsibility, respect, caring nature, and self confidence.

    1. Building Trust Over An Obstacle Course

    This is a game to let your child build trust. This activity can be done in a group, where you ask the participants to reveal the person they trust the most and then have a discussion on their reasons for trusting the person. Then, the fun part!

    Everybody forms groups of two and plays a game called Obstacle Course, where participants will overcome every difficulty depending on trust. Set up a course upon a playing field, using ropes to create pathways. You then scatter random objects within the pathway and let the kids go onto the play field.

    Start by blindfolding one participant in the team, while the partner guides them from start to finish. Then when they have finished, let the partners exchange places, while the other partner gets blindfolded. You can make the game more difficult by making the participant not say anything throughout the game.

    2. Learn Responsibility With Dice

    Having trouble trying to get your kids to do chores around the house? Here’s a fun character development activity that will help you teach your kids responsibility while getting the house work done. You create 3 blocks out of wood and print out the names and chores that have to be done on sheets of paper. Then cut out the names and duties and stick them carefully onto the cubes. You then have your family sit down and roll the dice. Don’t forget to also add spaces for ‘roll again’, ‘your choice’, and ‘free pass’ options. This makes it more fun for everybody and you get your work done.

    child playing with puppets

    3. Gain Respect Through A Hero’s Eyes

    At some point or the other, parents and elders have questioned their kids’ choices of role models. Here’s how you can open your kids’ eyes to a world of brave, real heroes. The K-12 Giraffe Heroes Program teaches kids just this with lessons that shows kids real people and their incredible stories.

    You can teach the kids about these inspiring people and let the kids decide which person impacts them the most. They can then design posters about the person along with their quotes and images. They can talk about their new role model in front of the group and discuss all that they admire about them. This experience will help them realize the importance of manners and respect when dealing with elders, authority figures, and guests.

    4. Cultivate Caring By Sharing

    This activity works wonderfully for older children. The activity we focus on here was introduced by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, who have provided many educational resources in the last few years. For the activity, you have a group of kids identify a problem within their school or community. They can then develop a plan to help this cause and can also organise events such as a book drive or an outreach program with the help of elders.

    They can then create volunteer programmes where kids can help in the cause by maybe being a tutor to the young, help out a classmate who might be recovering from an injury, or help a fellow classmate catch up on work that was done while he or she was absent. The kids can then collect donations that can be given to a charitable organisation. This activity helps kids become more caring and responsible.

    5. Puppet Shows That Improve Self Confidence

    Kids may appear confident at times and lose it the next minute. It is crucial to help your kids be self confident, so that they learn to feel good about themselves and live meaningful lives. Here’s an activity that will appeal to kids of any age and teach this valuable characteristic—puppet shows!

    You can do this activity with puppets of any kind, right from finger puppets to hand puppets. You could even make them at home and put up a puppet show for your kids. During the show, the kids can help out the characters to solve their problems with simple solutions. After the show, the kids and you can have discussions about the show and address their problems, which you can solve in a creative way.










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