7 Natural Cold Remedies That Will Sort Your Kid Out In A Jiffy

  • Flu season can be daunting for any parent. It’s hard to deal with the runny noses and heavy coughs when it is a child you’re dealing with. A cold can affect anybody because of a weather change or sometimes it may just be the 200 or more viruses floating around in the air. In these cases, you can’t help but feel sad as you see your little one feeling uncomfortable and complaining of pains.

    There are a number of remedies readily available at medical stores, but they are often made of chemicals and artificial flavours that can sometimes cause more harm, especially if you have a child under the age of six. Here are a few simple natural remedies for children that can help them feel better in no time.

    1. A Spray Or Two Of Saline Solution


    Your child’s pediatrician would have already prescribed saline nasal sprays or drops, but if you ever run out, never fear, as you can make saline solution at home. This homemade mixture will work as well as any commercial mixture at clearing the nasal passages of congestion.

    This simple mixture of water and salt is a lifesaver for many other illnesses or infections, as well. All you have to do is add about two to three teaspoons of non-iodized salt in about 8 tablespoons of warm water. Let the solution cool, then make your child blow their nose first and block one nostril at a time while squirting and make sure your little one doesn’t blow their nose for several minutes.

    2. Some Honey and Lemon Juice


    If your child has a sore throat that often accompanies the common cold, you can look into giving your child a tablespoon of honey mixed together with a tablespoon of lemon juice. You can put the mixture in the microwave for about 20 seconds until it is warm.

    The lemon dries up congestion in the throat and the honey helps to offer smoothness. This mixture is so effective that a recent study conducted by the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona found that a spoonful of honey cleared up coughs better than the regular cough formula. A word to the wise, honey is not suitable for babies under the age of one.

    3. A Good Bowl Of Soup To Do The Trick

    7 Natural Cold Remedies That Will Sort Your Kid Out In A Jiffy2

    Warm liquids work like a charm when anybody is down with the flu. In fact, studies show that a warm bowl of chicken soup can relieve fatigue, congestion, body aches, and fever, and is the best cure for common cold. The trick is to serve the soup warm and not boiling hot. You can also serve warm teas, water, or other liquids in place of chicken soup.

    4. Fluids For Extra Hydration


    In the case of the occasional fever that comes with common cold, make sure your child drinks plenty of fluids, be it water or juice, to help fight the virus. Warm and sometimes very cold, liquids help to dilute the mucus, making it easier to cough up. The liquids also soothe raw throats and help keep the body hydrated.

    5. Humidify The Air


    Dry and dusty air only irritates the nasal passages more and in this case, the best you can do is to ease the surroundings with a humidifier. A cool-mist humidifier can keep stuffiness at bay and clear up stuffy noses. But remember to clean out the unit as often as needed to avoid the bane of mold and bacteria build up.

    6. Soothe The Body With A Warm Shower


    Warm, moist air goes a long way with a cold, so you can give your little tyke a nice warm bath before they sleep. Feel free to even add a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil for a more relaxing and helpful effect. This warm bath works wonders in reducing high temperatures and clearing out the nasal passages.

    7. Rest Is The Key


    Finally, the greatest medicine of all, sleep is the best cure for cold in children. Adequate sleep, even when one is healthy, is enough to strengthen the immune system. Let your little one sleep as much as they can, but make sure you don’t cover them with many blankets as that could result in a higher temperature. You could also add a bit of a lift by the head to help your child’s sinuses drain more mucus.

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