About Us

Kidoz is a Montessori PreSchool
  • Welcoming place that engages each child.

    Walk into a Montessori classroom, anywhere in the world, in any suburb of any city and you will invariably see happy and busy children working purposefully.

    At Kidoz Montessori we have taken care to ensure we provide a beautiful and prepared environment for the young one. A place where they can be truly free. The classroom itself will typically be beautiful and enticing. Great care has been taken to create a learning environment that will reinforce the child’s independence and natural urge toward self-development. This is achieved in three ways: beauty, order and accessibility. 

  • Friendly atmosphere plus quality children care.

    Trained Teaching Staff & Prompt Support Staff to ensure that your Child's education is not just successful but enlightening.

    All our teaching staff have undergone specialised Montessori Training. They are equipped to handle classes with utmost novelty and care. The support staff at Kidoz has been trained to ensure the atmosphere friendly; yet they don’t compromise on the care that the young one’s deserves.

  • Child friendly and Safe Learning Materials.

    Specially designed wooden materials for children in age group of 1.5 - 06 Yrs

    The learning materials at Kidoz is specially designed; crafted in high grade wood, keeping in mind all possible safety concerns of children. These materials are arranged in our environments in such a manner that they are self inviting and they inculcate habit of self learning in children.

    • Friendly Atmosphere

      Child Friendly Environment for Learning, Joy and Care

    • Trained Personnel

      Trained Teaching and Support Staff for safe and healthy keeping of children.

    • Ensuring Growth

      Montessori Method for life-long learning and growth of children.

    • Global Practices

      Global standards practised by Kidoz ensure that your child gets World Class Education.