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  • Camp Millionaire

    Camp Millionaire is a summer program for 8-16-year-olds that teaches about making, managing and multiplying money. We use a proven, innovative curriculum that imparts money management principles, and more importantly, explores, develops and reshapes young attitudes about money.

    Our focus is how to grow up financially independent, but our overall mission is showing kids how they can reach their dreams. We empower participants by giving them the knowledge that they are fully in charge of creating their own lives, and that includes how much money they want to have when they grow up.All courses are taught by trained educators and trainers, applying accelerated learning techniques that break down complicated financial concepts into understandable information by using a variety of interactive games, and activities, and other fun processes.

    What we teach your kids (money skills)

    • How to make money.
    • How to manage money.
    • Preparing budgets and financial statements.
    • Starting a savings/investment program.
    • How to multiply your money.
    • Your credit score.
    • The magic of compound interest.
    • Passive income streams.

    What we leave with your kids (success skills)

    • How money can be used to give back.
    • How to act on your dreams.
    • How to see money as a tool for financial freedom.
    • Confidence from greater knowledge about money.
    • Responsibility for managing money (their own and their familyA/C’s).
    • Greater control over their life
    • Teamwork, public speaking.
    • Better ways to talk about money with others, including their parent(s).

    AdityaEdu had partnered with ThriftyGene to conduct Camp Millionaire

  • Camp Millionaire, Financial Wisdom for Life

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