• Preschool Curriculum

    We welcome all parent to come and understand how the Montessori environment help children learn on their own

    Our environment, at Kidoz Preschool, is unique. We have an open environment that give emphasis to your child’s natural interests and allows him or her to set their own developmental pace.

  • The Montessori Education is a result of the scientific observations of Dr. Maria Montessori. Her observations established the fact that children learn best at their own pace and given the choice of activities. The practical application of this experiential or sensory based and self-directed learning is the most element in all the programs at Kidoz.

    Our curriculum cover all areas of learning combined. These areas include Literacy, Mathematics, Practical Life, Sensorial and Cultural.  

    • Practical Life
    • Language
    • Science and Nature
    • Mathematics
    • Music and Movement
    • Sensorial
    • Cultural Awareness & Arts
    • History & Geography