Let Your Kids Explore Their Creative Side With These Fun Crafting Ideas

  • As a parent, you know how important it is that you spend some quality time with your kids. While you may not be up to all the running around that kids do, you can indulge their creativity.

    Most kids love to draw, and all of them love getting messy. Sit down with your children one evening and get started on any of these fantastic crafts that are fun and a great way to bond with them.

    1. Puppet Pets

    Wooden Spoon Cat Puppet Craft

    Puppets are a pretty fun craft idea, and you can use your puppets for a show later! To make a cat puppet, all you need is a long wooden spoon, black paint, black paper, 2 googly eyes, black ribbon, pink paper, black yarn, and white fabric paint.

    Paint the spoon completely black and leave it to dry. Glue the google eyes on the dish of the spoon along with a small nose cut out from the pink paper. Cut out two small triangular ears and stick the to the top of the spoon dish.

    Stick a length of ribbon to the end of the handle to make the tail, and cut out six short lengths of black yarn and glue three under each eye to make the whiskers. Finish with a mouth painted on with fabric paint.

    2. Toy Binoculars

    toy binoculars

    You could buy actual binoculars for your little adventurers when they’re a little older, but until then, you could work on a couple of cool crafts for kids with them like these toy binoculars.

    Measure your kid’s neck to see how long the strap needs to be. Braid two or three strands together to make durable strap, leaving a few strands for easier attachment. For the actual binoculars, take two cardboard rolls of the same size, spread some glue on them, and wrap the yarn around it.

    When you reach halfway down, glue the open strands of the yarn strap, and then continue wrapping yarn down the rest of the roll. Tie the yarn strap from both the rolls together first, and then stick the rolls together to make your binoculars.

    Let them dry fully before you and your kid can go out exploring.

    3. Rockets

    Paper Roll Rockets

    Among the best craft ideas for kids, these rockets can be made with cardboard rolls, papers, decorations like glitter and sequins, paint, coloured plastic paper, and straws.

    To make your rockets, get the kids to decorate the cardboard tubes however they’d like. They can paint them, put glitter or paper on them and have fun! Then, for the cap, cut out a circle of paper, and cut a slit from the side to the middle of the circle and roll it into a cone and stick it on to your decorated tube.

    Attach the straw at the other end to make the fuse, and use strips of red or orange coloured plastic paper to make the flames. Voila! Your rockets are ready for take off!

    4. Dream Catchers

    Dream Catcher

    Making a dreamcatcher with your children is a great way to have fun while helping them get over their fear of nightmares.

    You’ll need paper plates, decorations, coloured paper, crepe paper, feathers, and paint.

    Help your kid cut a hole in the paper plate, then paint it any colour you’d like. Then, cut a lot of thin strips of coloured paper, and stick them over the hole in your paper plate to make a web.

    Cut long lengths of crepe paper and attach them to the bottom of the paper plate. Then stick feathers at the end of these strips. To complete your dream catcher, decorate the front of the paper plate with sequins and other decorations, and you can hang them over your child’s bed to keep the bad dreams away.

    5. Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank

    piggy banks from water bottles

    If you’re looking for simple crafts for kids, this piggy bank made out of a plastic bottle is a fantastic option.

    Cut into the bottle with a knife to make a slot to put the money in. Help your child measure and cut out a strip of coloured paper to stick on the bottle where the label should be on the bottle. Make sure you don’t cover the slot you’ve cut into the bottle!

    Cut out pig ear shapes, with a little tab at the base, and attach the ears to the label you’ve made, facing the bottle opening. Cut out a circle of pink paper the size of the bottle cap and stick it on, and paint on the nostrils and eyes.

    For legs, paint four wooden beads the same colour as the paper you’ve used, and stick it to the bottom half of your piggy bank. With this, you’ll be set to start giving your child pocket money and teach them about managing their money.

    These easy craft ideas are great to work on with your children, and will help you make fantastic memories along with your projects. Have fun!










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