Does the Montessori Education System Give your Child an Advantage?

  • Being a parent is not an easy job, especially since all the pressures that children face are magnified for their parents.

    You want your child to be a well-rounded individual, who’s able to face the challenges of life with confidence and grace, and deal with them effectively. How you raise your child is important, but what is just as important is the education your child receives, especially in the early years.

    Children spend most of their time away from home in school, and so it becomes vital that you pick a school that will cater to their needs and help them grow, both in knowledge and personality. One example of a school that follows such a child-centred educational philosophy is the Montessori system.

    What Are Montessori Schools?

    Developed in the early 1900s by Maria Montessori, the Montessori education system focuses on cultivating wholeness and balance within a child. It works on not just the educational development of children but also their physical, emotional, and moral development.

    Here are some of the crucial elements that are necessary for a school to be a Montessori school.

    • Mixed-Age Classrooms: Classrooms generally have children from about 3-6 years of age interacting with, and learning from each other, just like people interact with all sorts of age groups in the real world.
    • Hands-On Learning: Children learn concepts by working with materials instead of being spoonfed information.
    • Special Learning Materials: The curriculum and education materials are specially designed to be interdisciplinary and suit the individual learning capacities of individual children.
    • Consistency: Children remain under the tutelage of the same teacher for a three-year cycle, that helps build a strong relationship and ensures that all your child’s need will be met.
    • Ordered Freedom: Children are allowed to choose what they would like to do from a prescribed range of activities, and are also allowed to move around within the classroom itself.

    What Are The Advantages Of A Montessori System?

    The Montessori system of education has been subjected to a great deal of research in the years since its inception, and it has proven to produce people who are more mature and creative than their peers.

    Even though children in Montessori school aren’t regularly tested and graded as children in other schools, they perform just as well, and sometimes even better when it comes to reading, writing, and mathematical abilities.

    There are a number of ways in which the Montessori system gives your child an advantage:

    • Independence:

    Since children are given a lot of freedom to choose their pace of learning and the kind of activities they’d like to do, they learn to make decisions for themselves. Most importantly, under a Montessori schooling, children learn how they can help themselves grow and learn.

    • Social Skills:

    Because children interact with different age groups from an early age, they develop a sense of community and learn to be supportive of each other. Children from Montessori schools are generally aware of when other people might need their help and are perceived to be kinder than their counterparts.

    • Knowledge Seekers:

    Children are taught in a way that makes them receptive to new information, and are encouraged to learn what they like. This makes them eager to learn, and are able to retain information better.

    • Self-Correction:

    Students are taught to work independently, which empowers them to look at their work critically, recognise the errors, and fix them.

    • Better Problem Solvers:

    In a Montessori system, children are taught in a way that lets them experience theoretical concepts in real terms. So they exhibit high capacities of creative and analytical thinking, which lets them apply their knowledge and resolve issues effectively in the world outside their classrooms.

    • Peacemakers:

    Because of the focus on community and supportive behaviour, children from Montessori schools are able to deal with conflict with assertively, but peacefully, that leaves all parties satisfied.

    • Well Rounded:

    The Montessori school philosophy centres around holistic learning, so all aspects of your child’s learning are interlinked rather than isolated concepts. This prepares them better for today’s world where an interdisciplinary understanding is the only way to stand out from a crowd of highly specialized professionals.

    The Montessori system, like any other educational system has its drawbacks as well – from detractors who insist that so much freedom is unnecessary, and conventionalists who think homework is an essential part of school life.

    Nevertheless, the advantages outweigh the flaws in the system by far.

    As long as your child is comfortable in a non-traditional classroom, a Montessori system will help them grow into intelligent, thoughtful people. Their education ensures that they become highly successful and well-respected in any field that they choose to go in.

    Everything a parent could hope for their child, the Montessori school system will help them achieve all of that, and more.


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